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Experiments with a Macro Ring (2008-11-23)

On Friday I got a set of macro extension rings. I saw them on the net, and for about 10,- EUR I gave it a shot. In short, it works.
A little longer, I have only lenses for my camera without manual aperture control. Thus by default the aperture is fully closed, which makes it impossible to see anything trough the finder. I came up with a little hack; I use dental floss to strap the aperture lever to a desired level. So I can not tell what aperture I use, besides fully open or fully closed. None the less it worked for my first experiments with the coffee been on various backgrounds.
Another small issue was; that the camera would not allow me to take a photo without having contact to the lens. And the extension rings do not transport signals between the camera and the lens. The solution is to permit "Using Aperture Ring" in the custom menu, in my case with the Pentax K10D this can be found in the manual.
But now, without any further ado, let me proudly present my first macro collage...
Collage of Coffee Bean Shots

Living Room Lamp (2008-10-07)

Just a quick shot of my living room lamp, I combinded different exposures (similar to my sunset photo from 2008-09-13).
Lamp HDR shot version 1 Lamp HDR shot version 2

Sunset, Traunsee, Gmunden, Austria (2008-09-13)

Have a look at the amazing sunset on the "shore" of lake Traunsee in Gmunden. This photo has been created with a Pentax K10D, I took three shots with different exposures, combined them with Photomatix, and reworked it a bit with Lightroom 2.0.
Sunset on the shore of Traunsee

Sky before and after tweaking (2008-06-05)

It was Saturday and sunset was nice, therefore taking a photo was a must. Sadly it didn't came out as expected, so I tuned it a little. Have a look at the picture before and after the tuning.
Sky before tweaking Sky after tweaking

Crop a Snail (2008-06-04)

A nice grapevine snail cropped from a bigger picture, turned and if you take a closer look a little less green. The green grass was a little to vivid on the cropped image.
Snail original shot Snail after cropping

Field on a rainy day, made more lively (2008-06-03)

This time I shot a nice field, but the day was rainy. Thus I tried to live up the picture a little, just a little, not too excessive.
Field original Field lived up

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